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Gov. Deal fires back at civil rights leaders over DeKalb School Board

Gov. Deal fires back at civil rights leaders over DeKalb School Board

ATLANTA --  Governor Nathan Deal (R-Georgia) announced Tuesday that he will name replacements Wednesday morning for 6 DeKalb County School Board members he suspended on February 25th.

His office also released a list of 60 possible candidates out of 403 that were interviewed by a special nomination panel since last Friday.

Deal acted under a 2011 law to remove the school board members after the DeKalb's accreditation was put on probation due to a "dysfunctional" board.

On Tuesday he also fired back at some civil rights leaders who've accused him of acting as a dictator with questionable racial intentions.

They met with him Monday to criticize his action as an unconstitutional disenfranchisement of DeKalb County voters.

403 people apply for 6 vacancies on DeKalb School Board

403 people apply for 6 vacancies on DeKalb School Board

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga -- Given the tumultuous state of Georgia's third largest school system, some might ask why anyone would want to be on the DeKalb County School Board.

The answer is 403 people.

That's right, FOUR-HUNDRED-AND-THREE...for 6 part time jobs that only pay $18,000 a year.

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That's the number Governor Nathan Deal's office provided to 11 Alive News just after the 5 p.m. deadline for applications on Wednesday.

State "overwhelmed" with applications for empty DeKalb School seats

State "overwhelmed" with applications for empty DeKalb School seats

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. -- Georgia Board of Education member Kenneth Mason admits he's a bit "overwhelmed".

As of Monday afternoon, 150 people had applied for six vacant seats on the DeKalb County School Board and the deadline for more applications isn't until 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Some were from other parts of Georgia and at least one from out-of-state, but whoever is picked will have to live in the school district to be represented.

"Business leaders, community activists, parents, concerned people who want to be part of the solution," is how Mason described the list to 11Alive News on Tuesday.

Mason is chairman of a nomination panel named last week by Governor Nathan Deal to begin picking replacements for the six DeKalb members the governor suspended.

Teacher makes math unforgettable

Teacher makes math unforgettable

ATLANTA -- The true test of a teacher's legacy are the students who credit the educator with changing their lives.

That's the way former students feel about Naimah Oladuwa Frame, a sixth grade math teacher at The Children's School.

Recently, several of her former students, who now attend The Paideia School, returned to Frame's classroom to tell her how much she continues to impact their lives in such a positive way.

"She challenged me to make sure I was always doing my best," said Mira Kaufmann, an 8th grader.

"She always remembered what it was like to be a student so she could connect with all of us," said 8th grade student, Katy Jordan.

"She created another group for some of us so we could excel more and she challenged us even more," said former student, Nathan Karnik.

Frame believes it's important to connect math with tangible items her students can understand, such as comparing algebra with apples and oranges.

Gov. Deal signing order removing 6 DeKalb school board members

Gov. Deal signing order removing 6 DeKalb school board members

ATLANTA - Gov. Nathan Deal announced Monday he'll remove six of the nine members of the DeKalb County School Board, but a federal court order now has to be addressed.

Deal said in a news conference that he was naming six persons to determine who should replace the outgoing board members.

"The stakes in this case are high; the future of almost 100,000 students hangs in the balance," Deal said in a statement.

"Therefore, I have accepted the unanimous recommendation of the State Board of Education to suspend six members of the DeKalb school board. I have met with Superintendent Michael Thurmond, and I believe he can play a vital role in getting the system back on track. I look forward to a positive working relationship with Superintendent Thurmond on behalf of the children of DeKalb County."

4 Atlanta schools among 2012 AP Challenge Schools

4 Atlanta schools among 2012 AP Challenge Schools

ATLANTA -- Four Atlanta high schools are among the 2012 AP Challenge Schools.

The honor is given annually to U.S. high schools where students take Advanced Placement exams in the four core areas: English, math, science and social studies. To become an AP Challenge School, a school must have fewer than 900 students.

Atlanta's AP Challenge Schools are Carver School of the Arts, Maynard Holbrook Jackson High, the School of Technology at Therrell and TECH High.

The College Board, which gives AP exams every year, reported Wednesday that Georgia is the 12th state in the nation for the percentage of seniors earning passing scores on AP tests. More than 41 percent of Georgia's seniors took at least one AP exam in 2012, compared to the U.S. average of 32.4 percent.

Ron Clark Academy makes Atlanta its classroom

Ron Clark Academy makes Atlanta its classroom

ATLANTA -- When students at Ron Clark Academy arrived at school one recent morning, they learned all of their classes would take place at different places throughout the city of Atlanta.

They boarded buses headed to surprise locations for a host of unique learning experiences for the students in fifth through eighth grades.

"Education should be about passion and about real-world experiences," said Ron Clark, co-founder of Ron Clark Academy.

"Anything can be a learning experience if you look at it in terms of how I can learn from it," said Ron Clark Academy co-founder Kim Bearden.

The students spent about an hour at each of several locations.

Clark worked with students on the floor of Philips Arena and assigned them various math problems, such as determining the number of seats for basketball games.

Spanish teacher Joyce Estrada Bailey took the students to Rhythma Studios in East Point to learn how to dance the Salsa.