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Man arrested in death of fiance's 2-year-old son | News

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Man arrested in death of fiance's 2-year-old son

DEKALB COUNTY -- DeKalb County police have arrested a man in the death of his fiance's 2-year-old son, Michael Weeks, Jr.

According to police, Devin Sawyer, 23, was taken into the jail on Monday night after he turned himself in around 11:00 p.m. He faces felony charges of Murder and Cruelty to Children, First Degree.

The incident happened in southeast Atlanta at the mother's home, in the 2000 block of Memorial Drive at Ivy Park Apartments.

Sawyer told DeKalb police that he was in the bedroom while the toddler was playing in the living room of the apartment. Sawyer said he went to check on the toddler, and saw him laying down. He then took off Weeks' bookbag, took him to the bedroom and laid with him. Sawyer said he soon fell asleep.

According to police, Sawyer told them he woke up and went to get something in the kitchen. When he moved from the bed, he noticed that the child was completely still. Sawyer said he shook the child, attempting to wake him, but Weeks did not respond.

Sawyer said he then carried the child up to the neighbor's apartment, the unit right above Calhoun's home. Sawyer said the neighbor observed that Weeks was cold to the touch. Sawyer immediately called EMS.

Weeks was transported to Hughs Spaulding Childrens Hospital. EMS notified his mother, and Calhoun came to the hospital.

According to police, Calhoun saw bruises on her son's face when she arrived. She told police she had taken photos with her son earlier that day, and did not see the injuries on the toddler at that time.

Calhoun told them that her son had been hurt a week prior, as he accidentally closed his head in a door.

The toddler was pronounced dead at Hughes Spaulding Children's Hospital on the afternoon of Saturday, November 24, according to the police report.