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New DeKalb superintendent releases plan of action

New DeKalb superintendent releases plan of action

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. -- At a district-wide meet and greet in late August, then-incoming superintendent Dr. Cheryl Atkinson told parents she wanted to hit the ground running - promising better communication and a thorough district-wide review.

In her first day on the job, she took steps toward fulfilling both of those promises.

Dr. Atkinson released a 90-day plan detailing steps to audit the district's leadership, departments and programs.

READ: Dr. Atkinson's complete 90-day plan

She also visited six schools, touring the building and meeting with each principal. Her goal is to visit each school in the district.

Dr. Atkinson inherits a district under review by SACS. She comes on the heels of former superintendent Crawford Lewis, who was indicted on racketeering charges.

LOCAL PROFILE: Sawanda Spinks, President of Georgia Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation

LOCAL PROFILE: Sawanda Spinks, President of Georgia Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation

ATLANTA – Sawanda Spinks was eight-months-pregnant when she learned her first child would be born with hydrocephalus.

“I had never heard of it; I didn’t know what it was but when I heard the risks, I started crying; I couldn’t take listening to that”, she said.

Spinks had gone into the emergency room for a pulled muscle but when she left her life was changed, forever.

Hydrocephalus is a condition that affects 1-in-500 infants. The condition, also known as having “water on the brain”, happens when fluid accumulates on the brain and in the skull cavities.

As any first-time parent would Spinks visited countless specialists, searching for good news, before she would give birth to her son a month later; she heard none.

“Doctors didn’t give us much hope but they were doing their job, they’re supposed to tell you the worst case scenario”.   

“We heard it all.

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Public awareness training session “Snakes, Bugs, Insects, and Poisonous Plants in the DekalbParks”

DeKalb County Chief Executive Officer Burrell Ellis announces that DeKalb County Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs will host the public awareness training session “Snakes, Bugs, Insects, and Poisonous Plants in the Parks” tomorrow, Sept. 15, 6 – 8 p.m. at the Porter Sanford III Performing Arts & Community Center, 3181 Rainbow Drive in Decatur.

As the public is invited to enjoy the county’s parks and natural resources, visitors should be aware of the harmful snakes, bugs, insects, and poisonous plants. The workshop will teach visitors proper identification techniques and inform attendees about state laws that protect certain animals and plants.

CURE KIDS: Christopher Berger

CURE KIDS: Christopher Berger

BUCKHEAD, Ga. – Christopher Berger’s life changed on April 6, 2001 he had recently celebrated his eleventh birthday and was, shortly after, diagnosed with a brain tumor.

For weeks Chris had been experiencing headaches, dizziness, double vision and general discomfort; he had the tumor removed but, after surgery, his pathology report indicated that the tumor was malignant and he was diagnosed with medulloblastoma.

After treatment, he entered Marist as a seventh-grade-student and began playing golf because it wasn’t as physically strenuous as other sports. Berger made it through junior high, high school and was accepted to the Georgia Tech Honors Program. He recently celebrated his 21st birthday and plans to enter seminary.

Economic Development Meeting for Lithonia/Stonecrest Area set for Sept. 15

Economic Development Meeting for Lithonia/Stonecrest Area set for Sept. 15

Lithonia - DeKalb Chief Executive Officer Burrell Ellis and District 5 Commissioner Lee May would like to invite all business owners in the Lithonia/Stonecrest area to attend a meeting to seek ways to strengthen the economic vitality of the Stonecrest mall area.  The meeting will be held on Thursday, Sep. 15 at 8:30 a.m.

BEST SPOTS: National Creme-filled Donut Day

BEST SPOTS: National Creme-filled Donut Day

ATLANTA – Move over cupcakes, it’s National Crème-filled Donut Day. Every September 14th, donut lovers and people who want an excuse to feed their sweet tooth rush out to local bakeries and stock-up on crème-filled donuts until their heart’s content. Check out these local bakeries before the day is over and get your fill.

Popular Westside doughnut shop, Sublime Doughnuts, features the “A-Town Cream”, which is a hybrid between a Boston Crème pie and a doughnut. According to their website, the doughnut is filled with “silky custard and topped with Belgian Calllebault dark chocolate” and shaped into an A. Sublime Doughnuts is located at 535 Tenth Street in Atlanta.

For northern suburb dwellers, Dutch Monkey Doughnuts is home to an original Boston Crème doughnut.